TAG Version 2.0!

Published: Feb 1, 2022 by

TAG version 2.0 has now been released on Github (https://github.com/GAIGResearch/TabletopGames/releases/tag/v2.0).

This is to support the use of TAG in the course on Computational Games Design, part of the Computer Games MSc at Queen Mary University of London (https://www.qmul.ac.uk/postgraduate/taught/coursefinder/courses/computer-games-msc/)

New features:

  • All games with tunable parameters
  • Game, agent and heuristic optimisation framework (using NTBEA)
  • Game statistics reporting
  • AI player round robin tournaments
  • Frontend GUI for playing all games with all players + extra run settings and parameter adjustment.
  • Timing functionality for AI agent decision making (including chess-like timer with possible increments)
  • GUI updates and bug fixes