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Research paper on TAG: Pandemic Competition @ IEEE CoG 2022

We will be presenting a research paper on the TAG: Pandemic competition at the IEEE Conference on Games 2022! The paper describes the environment and the competition setup, as well as analysing the challenges proposed, game parameters and sample agent performance. Check it out here.

Maven, competition and MCTS updates

The latest commit to the master branch of TAG now includes:

  • A configured Maven build to generate executable jars for the main entry points. Complications with some video libraries used for the pandemic competition were causing issues with more informal builds, so we’ve taken the opportunity to tidy this up.
  • Updates to the pandemic code for the forthcoming competition at IEEE Conference on Games 2022 (see previous post or the website for details).

TAG: Pandemic competition coming up at IEEE CoG 2022!

The TAG: Pandemic competition will be hosted at this year’s IEEE Conference on Games! We will be updating the website soon with more details, keep an eye on this space.

Updated GUI for improved AI interaction

Pull Request 179 has been merged to master:

TAG Version 2.0!

TAG version 2.0 has now been released on Github (https://github.com/GAIGResearch/TabletopGames/releases/tag/v2.0).